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It was Terrell Owens, Tim Tebow ... and now, Ezekiel Elliott is the "ratings baby" the media is glomming on to ... so says Michael Irvin. You know what he's talking about -- when a story becomes such a big deal, news outlets will streeeeetch in a shameless way for an angle involving the media topic everyone cares about. This time, Irvin says, the media knows Zeke's scandal is a magnet for viewers ... and he's seen some networks reach new lows trying to exploit the running back's issues for a ratings pop. Irvin says the whole thing is a sad situation and he's praying for everyone -- both Zeke and his accuser.
Bad news for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ... the NBA legend has been ordered to pay more than $900k to a famous auction house for backing out of a deal to sell a bunch of his memorabilia ... Kareem had been at war with Julien's Auctions for years -- after a 2012 deal to sell 400 items went south. Kareem went to the auction house in 2014 and physically removed some of the items. Julien's sued Kareem -- claiming they also made a $300k donation to his foundation as part of the deal to sell the items -- but he refused to refund the money when he backed out of the sale.
'Love & Hip Hop' star Teairra Mari is learning a HARD lesson about punctuality -- you blow off a court case, the judge issues a bench warrant for your ass. Here's the deal ... Mari was supposed to be in an L.A. courtroom on Monday to face charges that she beat the crap out of an Uber driver last year and stole his cell phone charger. But when her case was called, Mari was MIA -- so the judge issued a warrant for her arrest. Long story short ... Mari's been ordered to surrender to authorities so she can stand trial asap -- and if a cop spots her gallivanting around town, she could be cuffed on the spot.
As two new Philip K Dick adaptations head to the screen, the author's daughter says the world is edging ever closer to his wildest imaginings. North America splits in half along racial lines. People buy new memories and have them implanted. These are some of the fictions of Philip K Dick, whose writing, often ignored in his lifetime, seems to vibrate with anxiety and desperate wit about the things that worry us today: the effects of technology on the human mind; mankind's impact on the world; and the unstable nature of reality itself. "It was always my hope, in writing novels and stories that asked the question 'What is reality?,' " Dick once wrote, "to someday get an answer."
UFC superstar Jon Jones so badly wants to convince you he's not a steroid user, he just swore it on God and his kids. Jones just broke his silence about his B test from UFC 214 coming back positive for the banned anabolic steroid Turinabol ... a test that led to officials erasing his victory over Daniel Cormier. Jones went to Twitter to answer a fan who demanded the UFC star should "just tell the truth any why!!everybody will respect you more for it." Jones replied, "Dude the truth is I would never do steroids, I put that on my children and I put that on my Heavenly Father."
The war between Ray J and Princess Love over their little pooch, Boogati, just escalated ... now Princess' arch enemy wants in on the dog fight -- and says it could get violent. We saw "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Teairra Mari -- СЏв•—в”ђwith co-star Nikki Mudarris -- coming out of Mr. Chow Tuesday and asked about the nasty breakup between Ray J and Princess ... and their fight over their pet Maltese. There's already bad blood between Teairra and Princess -- after their epic battle over Ray J on the TV show. Teairra made it clear... she'll get physical if that's what it takes.
Kanye West let his shirt do the talking Friday and the target was clearly Taylor Swift. Kanye hit up Nobu in Malibu with some buds, wearing a tee emblazoned with the words, "She's beyond Good and Evil." So the question ... Who else? Of course it's Taylor, who took aim at Kanye in her song, "Look What You Made Me Do." Kanye has said he doesn't care what she sings and their feud is ancient, but this seems pretty premeditated. Old feuds die hard, right?

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