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Charlamagne Tha God is not one to mince words ... he's rooting for Cardi B to topple Taylor Swift on the Billboard Hot 100, but he's also throwing major shade on Taylor Swift. We got the host of The Breakfast Club Saturday at LAX, and he seems to think Taylor may be in the danger zone 'cause she's stopped taking chances. He slams her with words like cliche, robotic and poppy. That said ... he knows that's exactly what lots of Taylor fans want.
Kanye West has reached out to Jay-Z to bury the hatchet in their latest feud ... Sources familiar with the situation tell us, Kanye asked for a face-to-face with Jay, to hash out the beef that was ignited when Kanye went onstage last Fall and went after Jay, Beyonce and even Blue Ivy. Jay said he paid no mind to Kanye targeting him, but going after his family crossed the line. And Jay called Kanye out in the song "Kill Jay Z." Kanye's people feel Jay should cut him some slack because Kanye wasn't in his right mind ... Kanye went on the rant shortly before his hospitalization. It's interesting ... TMZ broke the story Kanye and Jay are embroiled in a financial dispute over Yeezy's Tidal deal and millions are in contention. Yet we're told money is not the source of conflict between the 2 men. They both have plenty. It's all about their relationship.
The woman accusing Kim Porter -- Diddy's baby mama -- of being a hard-core druggie who exposed her kids to marijuana and cocaine is a fraud who is pissed off because she got the ax ... this according to sources close to Kim Our sources say ... former nanny Dawn Drago is a convicted shoplifter -- something she didn't disclose on her employment application. But more to the point, we're told she's extremely bitter because she was fired for falsifying time sheets. We're told Kim is adamant ... Drago's drug claims are completely false and the lawsuit is retaliation for getting 86'd. A rep from the law firm representing Drago tells TMZ, the shoplifting conviction is irrelevant "because she was not working at a shop." That's the quote. We don't understand it either.
After months of theories and speculation, the top secret horror movie Mother! has finally arrived in cinemas, revealing that much of what we thought we knew about the film has been slightly incorrect. And that the filmтАЩs premise was also somewhat blindly in front of us this whole time. тАЬIt depicts the rape and torment of Mother Earth,тАЭ she said. тАЬItтАЩs not for everybody. ItтАЩs a hard film to watch. But itтАЩs important for people to understand the allegory we intended. That they know I represent Mother Earth, Javier, whose character is a poet, represents a form of God, a creator; Michelle Pfeiffer is an Eve to Ed HarrisтАЩs Adam, thereтАЩs Cain and Abel and the setting sometimes resembles the Garden of Eden. тАЬFor Darren to take these massive biblical themes and condense them into a narrative about a house and a couple I think is just brilliant. I have never heard of anything like it.тАЭ
The "American Idol" reboot seems to be in crisis -- honchos still haven't locked down a second, third and possibly fourth judge, with only 6 weeks until cameras roll. Our 'Idol' sources tell us ... none of the previous front-runners -- Lionel Richie, Charlie Puth, Luke Bryan or Keith Urban -- are any closer to signing than they were a few weeks ago. We're told record producer Nile Rodgers has now been tossed in the mix. The issue with Lionel, we're told, is his team's asking around $10 mil ... double what they want to pay. 'A.I.' producers are also still debating whether to go with 3 or 4 judges. At this point it all comes down to money, but it sounds like they'd like 4.
Katy Perry is in a toe jam, after a woman claims she lost one of hers while working on the singer's tour. Christina Fish claims in a lawsuit she was hired as a stagehand for Katy's Prismatic World Tour in 2014. On the night of Katy's Raleigh, NC concert she was asked to help move a wall ... when it got stuck and then rolled across her foot. She says she felt her shoe fill with blood. She says she was offered ice but no one called for an ambulance, so she had to call a friend to pick her up and take her to the ER. Christina says her right toe became gangrenous, and eventually needed to be amputated. She says she wasn't able to use her foot for months. She also says she suffered great emotional distress, because orthopedic doctors instructed her to keep her "dead toe" on as long as possible before the eventual amputation.

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Diddy's baby mama looks ready to pop! Kim Porter was spotted last night looking like she had a giant beach ball stashed under her sweater as she made her way out of Nello's restaurant in New York. She's not full of their lobster ravioli either... she's carrying twin girls! While she's due mid-December, her "Bad Boy for Life" was nowhere to be seen -- he's shooting the "A Raisin in the Sun" TV remake in Toronto, in which he'll play the Sidney Poitier role.
Taylor Swift's new music video wasn't the only thing worth looking at during last night's MTV Video Music Awards ... check out what was going down backstage. Rappers were hanging out with pop stars ... Katy Perry was doing crazy costume changes and Ellen was posing for pics with EVERYBODY! The award show itself didn't have any angry Kanye interruptions or Britney Spears dancing with a snake -- but there was still plenty of action behind the scenes at the moon man ceremony.
The "old" Taylor Swift may be dead, but the new one still wants to make a buck off her ... TMZ has learned. T-Swift has filed to trademark a bunch of titles and catchphrases from her new album, "Reputation" -- for instance, the line, "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" from her single "Look What You Made Me Do" ... as well as the song title itself. According to the docs, she wants to use the lyrics on a ton of merchandise ... like t-shirts, notebooks, guitar picks, jewelry, bags, and pretty much any other accessory a Swiftie could want.
Lindsay Lohan gal pal Samantha Ronson is suing Perez Hilton and Sunset Photo and News Agency for libel -- to the tune of $20 million! According to the Daily News, the Sapphic celebrity DJ is miffed that both sites claimed she was making money by tipping off paparazzi on special friend Lohan. She's also taking issue with both sites' reports that Ronson was responsible for the cocaine found in LiLo's car the night of her most recent crash. Neither Perez nor Sunset have publicly responded to the claims. Diddy baby mama/recent ex Kim Porter could make more than $1 million a year in child support. The long time lovah of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs has three children with him -- a son, Christian, 10, and 7-month-old twins, D'Lilah Star and Jesse James -- but recently split with the hip hop mogul over the social butterfly's hard partying ways.
Floyd Mayweather says Justin Bieber turning traitor on him is the last thing on his mind on the eve of THE fight ... but he's still throwing jabs at his former BFF. Floyd sat down with 'Hollywood Unlocked' and talked about the video TMZ posted of Justin -- saying he didn't think Floyd would KO Conor McGregor. The champ tried like hell to keep it above belt, but his disdain came spilling out when he dismissed Bieber as a "pop star." As we reported, Floyd was screaming mad about JB's words and his IG unfollowing. He might cool down eventually. But not yet.
Justin Bieber is either nuts about pressed juice or just one happy-go-lucky kinda baller after dinner. We got the Biebs grinning ear-to-ear leaving Il Pastaio Tuesday night in Bev Hills ... and we gotta ask, what triggered such a huge laugh? Here's what we do know -- his swollen balls triggered a lawsuit back in May after "an immoral employee" sued the hospital where Justin checked into for what turned out to be a swollen testicle. Someone cue Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire."

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