Forex technical analysis

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Forex technical analysis

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Forex technical analysis is very complicated. Even if you understand the key, anyone can do it. One of these keys includes being able to recognize Breakout and Bounce. What is Bounce and Breakout? What are the examples of Breakout and Bounce in forex?

Both terms will often appear to signal the potential of the next movement, if the price movement approaches certain levels. Any technical indicators used by traders, any trading methods that are used, will definitely aim for a position of price movements that will breakout or bounce; because, Bounce and Breakout in forex marks the emergence of trading opportunities with the best potential.
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Before discussing the notions of Bounce and Breakout in forex, we first need to know that price movements in the market are not straight in one direction (just going up or down) forever. There are times, price movements will face a kind of "wall" that might block the trend rate. However, some traders actually waited for prices to approach the "wall" as a signal to execute Market Order.
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Technically, the "wall" is called Support or Resistance. Support is the lowest level on the price chart with sloppiness to attract buyers, because prices are considered too cheap. While Resistance is the highest level on the price chart that tends to attract Seller, because prices are considered too expensive. Both terms are obligatory to be understood by traders before understanding what Bounce and Breakout are in Forex.

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